Manik Amirthanayagam has been appointed as the General Manager of the leading advertising agency Holmes Pollard & Stott. Until recently he was part of the agency’s client service team, playing a notable role in building their brands.

In his new position, Manik will manage all aspects of operations. He will be closely involved with the creative, client service, media and production teams, inspiring them to reach higher.

Manik will play a vital role in the next growth phase of the agency. The eldest son of Chairman Pradeep Amirthanayagam, he had been groomed for his new position for some time. As the agency approaches its third decade, he aims to take it to greater heights and make a bigger impact on advertising in Sri Lanka.

Driven by the passion to excel, Manik believes in unleashing the full potential of clients. He has a hands-on approach to every campaign undertaken. He has honed his strategic skills over the years and has a good insight into the Sri Lankan consumer mindset and what makes brands tick.

Blessed with strong PR and communication skills, Manik is also a great relationship-builder. He has the ability to inspire and motivate the team at the agency while effectively coordinating things between them and their clients.

Led by reputed media and advertising personality Pradeep Amirthanayagam, Holmes Pollard & Stott has won multiple awards. It has launched, nurtured and repositioned a number of breakthrough brands. They were propelled to the top through creative and effective campaigns.

Today, the agency has an enviable portfolio of clients. It manages brands from across the corporate spectrum, ranging from banking & finance, automobiles and healthcare to FMCG, personal care and construction. Among its clients are listed blue chip companies.