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Pradeep Amirthanayagam

Chairman/Managing Director

Pradeep Amirthanayagam is the main force that drives the agency forward. With a career spanning 35 years in the industry, he has acquired the strategic know-how to stay ahead of the curve.

Respected for his business acumen, Pradeep is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) and an Associate of Trinity College London (UK). He has served as a Director of the 4As (Accredited Advertising Agencies Association). He has also been active in the Rotary movement. He was the 55th President of the Rotary Club of Colombo West, and was awarded Rotarian of the Year 2012. More recently, he was Chairman of the reputed blue chip company People’s Leasing & Finance PLC.

Pradeep is also a media icon, and presented the news on both state TV and radio. He was an interviewer and cricket commentator. He also has the distinction of having being trained at Bush House – the headquarters of the BBC in London – and was CNN correspondent for Sri Lanka.

With a flair for spotting new talent, Pradeep has also mentored many who have gone on to reach the top rungs of advertising in Sri Lanka. Under his leadership, the agency has won many prestigious accolades. Among these are 9 SLIM Awards, 5 Sumathi Awards, a Chillie Bronze and a top EPICA shortlisting.

Champika Ranasinghe

Director/ Chief Financial Officer

As head of finance, Champika ensures the smooth flow of the agency’s financial operations. She has been an integral part of our team for nearly three decades. Her efficiency and robust work ethic have ensured our continuous viability and growth. Due to her unwavering commitment, she has risen to the management board of the company.

Manik Amirthanayagam

General Manager

Manik brings dynamism into all aspects of operation. He plays a vital role in the agency’s creative strategy, whilst working closely with the client service, media and production teams.

The eldest son of Pradeep Amirthanayagam, Manik is mapping out the agency’s future direction. He aims to offer clients the most effective solutions in an industry that is constantly evolving. He sees innovation as key to our future strategy.He believes in unleashing the full potential of clients. His hands-on approach to every campaign undertaken ensures their success. He has honed his strategic skills over the years and has a good understanding of what makes brands tick.

Manik has had valuable exposure to the global ad scene, having attended both Spikes Asia and Adfest. He was also interviewed by the renowned ad magazine Branding in Asia.He successfully completed several globally-reputed advertising programmes. These have given him valuable insights into how we can reshape the way we do business in the future. Listed below are the accredited qualifications he holds:

  • Creativity for Business: Cannes Lions – The School
  • Marketing Strategy: Cannes Lions – The School &  World Advertising Research Center
  • Behavioural Science for Brands: Cannes Lions -The School
  • Behavioural Economics: Ogilvy Consulting UK
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Google

Amithap Kumar

Associate Media Director

Amithap is one of Sri Lanka’s most experienced media planners with over 15 years in advertising. He combines his creative thinking with factual analysis to develop successful media strategies. He is adept at using advanced analytical software to track consumer behaviour and media trends.

Amithap’s strong network enables him to negotiate the best rates for media. As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM-UK), he is quailified to ensure that campaigns reach their target audiences effectively and achieve optimum ROI for brands.

He has held senior positions at leading media agencies, and has worked with many local and global brands. He has also organised many high profile events, including Nokia’s launch of its android range in 2017 in coordination with the Nokia Global Team. At present, he also devotes time to lecture the rising generation of marketers at the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM).


Shashika Wijesooriya

Creative Director

Shashika is a creative wiz who brings out the ‘crazy’ in ad campaigns. A born writer, he experiments with the local idiom to trigger consumer impulses. Having started off as a junior copywriter 20 years ago, he has today become a force to be reckoned with. He is best known for his strong ideation and wordplay.

Shashika explores his passions ranging from academic pursuits to audio-visual storytelling. These have enriched his work with depth and meaning. He has worked with many renowned brands including Hayleys, Mobitel, Black Knight, HNB, People’s Bank, Bank of Ceylon, the Ministry of Finance and Western Union.

Asgar Hussein

Creative Director

An award-winning creative writer, Asgar has experience in advertising and journalism. He has been involved with many reputed brands over the years. Among them are BMW, Hyundai, HNB, Bank of Ceylon, Black Knight and Rhino. He has strong writing, editing and conceptualization skills across all media.

Asgar has contributed to leading newspapers, corporate magazines and literary journals. He is the author of two highly acclaimed books – Termite Castle (which won the State Literary Award) and The Mirror of Paradise (shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize). He is also the Editor of the popular Christmas magazine Noel, published by the agency. He holds a BA Degree in the Social Sciences.

Jawager Fernando

Tamil Copy Director

Jawa, as he is fondly known, is a well-known media personality, creative writer and translator. He has been in media for over 20 years. Among other things, he is a news presenter on TV and radio, a news producer for the state television channel Rupavahini, a voice artiste, a model and an actor.

Jawa is a high achiever. He won the gold medal for his outstanding performance in the mass media degree at the University of Colombo and the award for best stage actor at the National Drama Festival. Over the years, he has trained many young people who have gone on to build successful media careers. A born entertainer, he brings comic relief to the agency.

Chamz Narayana

Senior Art Director

Chamz expresses his creativity through visual art. He has a radical graphic style and a flair for bringing ideas to life through colour and form. His art direction skills range from airbrushing to advanced digitized work.

Chamz has had a challenging career, working for both local and international agencies. He has created impactful graphics for a range of reputed brands. His success has been driven by his great passion for the arts.

Yasara De Silva

Client Service Manager

Yasara, with a decade in advertising, is a go-getter whose top priority is her clients’ success. She has aced her way across multiple industries. She has played a significant role in campaigns undertaken for brands like People’s Bank, Maliban, Dankotuwa Porcelain, National Savings Bank and Export Development Board. Her dynamism and aptitude result in outstanding briefs that inspire the creative team to do great work.

Sureshni Kandage

Head of Production

Sureshni has been part of Holmes Pollard & Stott for 20 years. As our head of production, she handles the logistics of TV, radio and print for clients. Her experience in handling hundreds of commercials over the years has equipped her with the ability to undertake any project irrespective of its magnitude.

In addition, Sureshni plays a pivotal role in every aspect of the agency’s operations. She’s a natural multi-tasker and ensures the uninterrupted flow of all office activities. She has earned praise from many clients for her ability to get things done.